The Bianchi lab
The Bianchi lab

Lab celebrations

The Bianchi lab out for pizza at Mister 01, April 1st, 2021

The Bianchi lab at the Neuroscience retreat, Naples, FL. May, 2016.

The Bianchi lab with Marty Chalfie, January 2016
Rachele and Cristina, March 2014

Christmas Party 2012

From left: Lu, Rachele, Jeff, Cristina, Laura and Ying

From left: Karishma, Laura, Ying and Lu
From left: Laura, Ying, Lu and Giulia
Clockwise from the back: Ying, Laura, Giulia, Rachele and Lu
Clockwise: Giulia, Ying, Sophia, Laura, Lu and Rachele

Cristina's birthday/paper accepted (July 16th 2013)

Clockwise: Gerardo, Jeff, Laura, Rachele, Ying and Cristina

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